The Rental Advantage

Music Man offers a great, low-risk rental/purchase plan to help you and your child get started in music.

Probably, the greatest worry we hear from parents is paying a lot for an instrument only to have their child not stay in band or orchestra. We believe our rental/purchase plan relieves that concern and many others. We offer quality brand name instruments recommended by band directors and approved by school boards.

Rent-by-net, by Phone or Fax
No Interest–100% of Rental Payments Apply to Your Purchase
Up to 40% Early Payoff Discounts
Optional Repair and Replacement
Automatic Monthly Billing Available

— for Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee Counties
— Click HERE for our school delivery schedule.

Instruments Available for Rent




Bass Clarinet

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax



French Horn





Percussion Kit

Bell Kit

Getting Started

You will first select a New, Near New, or Used instrument of your choice. The initial rental period is 3 months. After which your rental will be on a month-to-month basis. Each payment you make is applied against the retail price of the instrument. When the total of your payments equals the retail price, you will then own the instrument.

New, Near New or Used

You will first select a New, Near New, or Used instrument of your choice.

‘New’ Instruments are brand new and have never been played.

‘Near New’ Instruments look new, but have been rented before.

‘Used’ Instruments range in condition. While all ‘Used’ instsruments are in excellent working order, they may have evidence of previous repair, scratches and loss of laquer.

All ‘Near New’ & ‘Used’ instruments prior to rental go through a 12-point inspection and cleaning process. This includes play-testing, adjusting, cleaning/flushing the instrument and sterilization.


Rental/Purchase plan terms vary depending on the price of the instrument. There is NO INTEREST on our contracts and no hidden fees. If your child drops out of band or orchestra after the initial rental period, you can return the instrument to us and end any further obligation. With our plan, you are only responsible for the months you actually had the instrument.


What if your child starts with a clarinet but after a few weeks decides she wants a flute? No problem. You just return the instrument & we apply the money paid towards the next rental – you do not lose any of the principal you have paid. However, the monthly payment amount may change, depending upon the price of the new instrument.

Early Payoff Discount

At any point during the rental you can pay off your account early without penalty. There is a discount for that early payment of up to 30% Off.

Service and Maintenance Policy

Music Man offers an optional service and maintenance policy during your rental/purchase period. It is a small fee ($5 or $8) paid each month, that will cover all service and maintenance or replacement if needed *(Subject Terms & Conditions) which has been necessitated by normal use of the instrument. It does not cover negligence or damage to or replacement of accessory items. (See one of our stores for more details.) However, without this policy, you are responsible for any repairs and replacement. You can also buy a service and maintenance policy in 8.5-month blocks if you purchase an instrument for cash or after you pay off your rental instrument. It is the same policy, except loss due to theft is not covered.

Automatic Billing

Music Man offers the option of Automatic Billing of your credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX) This saves you time writing checks and mailing payments. However, if you would like to mail in your payment, you may do that as well.

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