Here at Music Man we strive to exceed the needs of the parents, students and educators committed to the importance of music education by providing:

  • Over 35 years Experience with the Highest Quality Instruments!
  • The Lowest Prices!
  • The Fastest Repairs!
  • The Friendliest, Most Comprehensive Service in South Florida!
  • The Finest collection of Studio Educators in South Florida!                       

Music Man is the only lesson studio featuring Music Man’s Audition Preparation Curriculum.  This means students, as part of their lesson schedule, will receive two simulated auditions for any upcoming auditions.  These auditions will be conducted by professional music educators familiar with the audition process.  They will also receive fundamentals not offered in traditional music lesson operations such as Music Theory, Ear Training and Performance Techniques. Our lesson studio strives to provide our students with the highest quality music educators who work in conjunction with local schools, perform  professionally, and excel with educating students on how to improve on their instrument. Music Man offers NAPBIRT certified instrument repairs. Currently we have 4 repair technicians who service band and orchestra instruments.  We offer free weekly delivery to all schools in Palm Beach, Martin, Stuart, Broward, and Monroe counties.  Our goal is to provide quality repairs completed in a timely fashion.