Nick Gulyamov

Saxophone Instructor

     Nick Gulyamov, a jazz saxophonist, was born in Queens, New York, and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida. Currently in his final semester at Florida State University, completing a Bachelor of Music in jazz performance, Gulyamov has travelled all over the country performing with various school groups, as well as leading bands of his own over the years.

    First picking up a clarinet at the age of 10, and saxophone at age 11, Gulyamov was hooked on music and hasn’t looked back since. Gulyamov attended Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, and graduated in 2016. In his time at Dreyfoos, Gulyamov got to perform in the Dreyfoos Wind Ensemble and the Dreyfoos Jazz Ensemble I, and was also able to travel with these ensembles to cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, and Savannah to perform at various festivals and competitions.

     Since graduating from Dreyfoos, Gulyamov spent two years studying Commercial Music at Florida Atlantic University, where he studied with Dannel Espinoza. He then spent the rest of his undergrad at Florida State University, this time in the Jazz Studies program, where he studied with premier jazz faculty such as David Detweiler, Rodney Jordan, Leon Anderson, Scotty Barnhart, Kevin Jones, and Bill Peterson. During his time at FSU, Gulyamov performed in the FSU Jazz Ensemble I, led by Leon Anderson, and the FSU Jazz Combo I, led by Rodney Jordan and Scotty Barnhart. Gulyamov also got to perform as a soloist with the FSU Symphonic Orchestra, performing music by George Gerschwin.