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About Us - Music Man is a family-owned and operated business supporting the music education needs of South Florida’s schools & families since 1976. We specialize in the Sales, Rentals, Repairs & Lessons of Band and Orchestra instruments.

With over 40 Years of Experience, Music Man’s partnership with the music community supports the needs of the parents, students and educators committed to the importance of music education by providing the:
  • Highest Quality Instruments!
  • Lowest Prices!
  • Fastest Repairs!
  • Finest collection of Studio Educators in South Florida!
  • Friendliest, Most Comprehensive Service in South Florida!

Music For Life!

Music for Life! is not just our motto but our way of life. Our goal is to help parents, students and teachers enjoy their life long musical journey through a positive experience of teaching & learning how to play an instrument. This starts with the highest quality instruments for the musician. The instrument brands we carry have all been tested, approved by school boards and recognized by educators throughout the country to be the best playing and most reliable for musicians and students of all ages. The journey continues with making the instruments affordable for students and parents through monthly rent-to-own programs, finance plans, and large discounts.

Repair Excellence!

Next is our unparalleled, state of the art service & Repair department’s commitment to excellence through fast & efficient repairs services. Music Man Repair Technicians are all members of NAPBIRT and enjoy over 75 years of experience repairing musical instruments. Coupled with our free weekly delivery to all schools in Palm Beach, Martin, Stuart, Broward, and Monroe counties, we are able to provide quality repairs quickly and conveniently.

High Quality Lessons!

Our Lesson facilities ONLY feature teachers who are educated and trained to teach the specific instruments properly – No guitar players teaching Saxophone here. Our lesson studio provides students with the highest quality music educators who work in conjunction with local schools, perform professionally, and have the experience to educate students on how to improve on their instrument. Music Man is the only lesson studio featuring Music Man’s Audition Preparation Curriculum. This means students, as part of their lesson schedule, will receive two simulated auditions for any upcoming auditions. These auditions will be conducted by professional music educators familiar with the audition process. They will also receive fundamentals not offered in traditional music lesson operations such as Music Theory, Ear Training and Performance Techniques.

Educational Representatives!

Our Educational Representatives make Weekly visits to pick up and deliver instruments, repairs & supplies to band and orchestra programs throughout South Florida. This service adds convenience for students parents and makes the job of music directors easier knowing their students will have what they need, when they need it.

The final step in our mission to enjoy music is our friendly customer service.

The John & Dorothy Jarvis Music Education Foundation was created to provide lessons for minority and underprivileged students who show desire, potential and commitment to auditioning for FMEA All-State who otherwise would not participate in private lessons due to financial limitations.

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Our Team

John Jarvis Sr.

John Jarvis


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About Us Dixie

Dorothy Jarvis


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About Us J.J. Jarvis

J.J. Jarvis


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Michelle Gauthier

Manager - Jog Rd.

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About Us Taylor Walsh

Taylor Walsh

Manager - Port St. Lucie

Taylor Walsh is a Port Saint Lucie native. She attended Indian River State College as well as the University of Central Florida and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and Event Management. Taylor plays the clarinet is the manager at our Bayshore location

Cindy Howell 2

Cindy Howell


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Jennifer Howell

Bookkeeping Assistant

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About Us Chris Martindale

Christopher Martindale

Educational Representative

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About Us Steve Knob

Steve Knob

Educational Representative

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Jennifer Moorehead

Jennifer Moorehead

Inventory Manager

Jennifer Moorehead studied music education at the University of Akron with the Past President of the National Flute Association, as well as The University of South Florida with the Founder of the Florida Flute Association! Jennifer is our Inventory Manager, and currently plays Flute and Piccolo with the Palm Beach State College Band.

Albert Perera Instrument Repair Technician

Albert Perera

Repair Technician

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Enrico Capo Instrument Repair Technician

Enrico Capo

Repair Technician

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Carlos Oviedo Brass Instrument Repair Technician

Carlos Oviedo

Repair Technician

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Stephen Senseman

Stephen Senseman

Repair Technician

Stephen Senseman is our Most Recent NAPBIRT Certified Repair Technician! Stephen has a Masters in Tuba Performance from Arizona State University, and can be found in the Repair Shop Downtown or the Lesson Studio at Jog!

Sidney Oser

Retail Associate

Sidney Oser earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Florida State University. He has taught Middle and High School band for the past four years in Broward and Lee County. He has a passion for playing French Horn and Trombone as well as directing Concert, Jazz, and Marching Bands. You can find Sidney working at our Jog Road location as a retail associate and French Horn lesson teacher.

Zoe Horne

Lesson Coordinator

Zoe is from Port St. Lucie and is an avid French Horn and Guitar Player! You may have seen Zoe at our Port St. Lucie location, but please welcome her to our Jog Road store as she transitions to running our Lesson Studio!


Music Man Downtown

2309 N. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, FL 33407

+1 (561) 832-3753

Contact: Sales@musicmaninc.com

Back-to-School Hours - 08/09/21 - 09/11/21
Monday-Friday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Music Man Jog Road

179 N. Jog Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33413

+1 (561) 478-0920

Contact: Jogsales@musicmaninc.com

Monday-Friday: 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Music Man Port St. Lucie

950 SW Bayshore Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

+1 (772) 466-8764

Contact: Pslmanager@musicmaninc.com

Monday-Friday: 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

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