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We don’t just sell, we educate, because sometimes the Customer is NOT always right. We know there is so much information out there between all the websites, Brands, Models, prices, reviews, features, blogs, videos, companies…enough!! Let us help make things simple and cut through all the noise. We research & evaluate thousands of products and through our partnership with educators & professional musicians, we identify what works and what doesn’t. Be assured when working with us, we will provide you with the tools necessary to make the right decision to enhance your musical journey.

  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Staff

  • Shop with Confidence

  • Highest Quality Instrument Brands

  • Largest Selection of Instruments in South Florida

  • Large Selection of Woodwind and Brass Mouthpieces

  • Play it Before You Buy it in our new Pro Room

  • Flexible Payment Plans

Our expert staff, many of whom are former music educators, are available to help you find the right instrument.  Their experience and expertise is unparalleled.  There are many a time when we have recommended students not purchase instruments, because they weren’t ready for it.

We want you to buy your instrument with us, not at some impersonal online site.  So we spend a lot of time making sure we are fair and competitive with our prices.  All purchases include the Music Man Pro Plan with each purchase at our regular prices, something you will not get anywhere else.  However, if you find a price lower, we will match any “deal” you may find from another authorized retailer.  Just know that if we match the “deal”, you miss out on what’s included with the Music Man Pro Plan.   For those who prefer to do their shopping online, we do have an online store for your convenience.  But for that one-on-one care and service, and the hands-on ‘fit and feel’ of your new instrument, you can still come in to one of our 3 convenient locations.

Music Man is an authorized dealer for several major brands.  We provide the brands the school boards, music educators and professional musicians ask for the most.  When we choose to carry line, we ask: How does it play?  Is it any good?  Is it parts supported?  Can It be repaired?  How well is it made?  What do the teachers and professionals think?  Can students and parents afford it?  We haven’t succeeded for over 40 years by selling instruments that don’t play well or are substandard.

Not every instrument is made the same.  When choosing to invest in the purchase of an instrument, Its important to have a selection of different brands and models from which to choose. Through our research we have invested the largest selection of Instruments in South Florida. This allows you to find the best instrument to fill your needs.

Choosing the right instrument that fits the player is vitally important.  You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, nor does everyone wear a size 10 Nike shoe.  So why would you buy an instrument without playing it first?  The answer, you shouldn’t.  Finding the right fit becomes the priority.  Due to our extensive inventory, you will have the chance to try different brands and models.  Whether it’s for Jazz, Concert Band or Orchestra, Middle School, High School or College, our expert staff will help you make the right choice.

Help!  My instrument is broken and I need to get it fixed and I live 60 miles away!  No problem.  We visit every school every week.  We will pick it up and give you a complementary loaner to use while your instrument is being repaired.  PLUS, with the Music Man Pro Plan your instrument will be expedited and prioritized in front of the line.

We know many people would like to invest in a new instrument but can’t pay for one all at once.  To assist families and developing musicians, we have partnered with several financing companies to provide 12-month interest free financing on many select instruments.  We can also (depending on your credit) divide the total cost into 4 monthly payments.

This is what makes us different from other dealers.  We add value to your purchases of student, intermediate & professional Instruments. When you purchase an instrument at our regular low prices, you will automatically receive:

  • $50 store credit on your next purchase at Music Man
  • 2 Years of Premium Extended Warranty & Maintenance
  • Priority repair moves you to the front of the line
  • Covers all labor costs & parts up to $25.00
  • Unlimited adjustments & cleanings
  • FREE 1-hour lesson with a professional music teacher

Brands We Carry Include:


Conn-Selmer: Armstrong, Bach, C.G. Conn, Holton, King, LeBlanc, Ludwig, Ludwig-Musser, Scherl & Roth, Selmer, Selmer Paris, Yanagisawa

Eastman & Eastman Strings

Buffet-Crampon: Besson, B&S, Antoine Courtois, Hans Hoyer, Julius Kielwerth, Melton Meinl Weston, Powell Sonare, Schreiber


D'Addario: Evans

Jody Jazz

Zildjian: Vic Firth

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F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I trade in my MMI rental for a step up instrument?
-We can apply 6 months of your rental credit towards the price of your step up
What can I use during marching season in place of my step up?
We offer a short term marching instrument rental from July to Dec 1st. ***Prices vary upon instrument .$15/$24***
Is there warranty available on step up instruments?
We offer 2 years of premium extended warranty with the purchase of a step up instrument
Do you rent step up instruments
No, however financing through synchrony is available on select brands and models


If you have a question you'd like answered, please give us a call at 1-800-785-5367 or Contact Us Here!